The historic path to today…

In the early 1980s, Stanley S. Hubbard and his son, Stan E. Hubbard II, believed that the advent of Ku-band satellites could provide journalists at television stations throughout America a powerful tool to extend their live capability beyond the short range of their microwave transmitters. A small team headed by Ray Conover (Dr. Dish) was assembled to create the world's first satellite newsgathering truck. Hubbard Broadcasting established CONUS Communications in 1984, dedicated to helping television stations nationwide, and ultimately worldwide, gather and share news in a way that eliminated geographical boundaries from editorial coverage decisions. Conus One was the first addition to the Production and Satellite Services fleet. By the end of 1987, Conus was doing regular feeds for the networks. By 1989, the division was operating 5 trucks.

Fast track to 2002 and the Hubbard family decided to sell its mobile assets resulting in the birth of ARCTEK Satellite Productions, LLC in January 2003. The new partnership of Todd Hanks, Shawn Erickson and Brian Stanley created a solid foundation of experience and insight into the industry paving a path to success. All three had extensive experience in news gathering and event coverage from production to transmission as well as having established solid relationships with industry icons to support them such as “Dr. Dish”. Brian was even fortunate enough to have operated the first satellite truck, Conus One, prior to its induction into the Newseum in DC.

Continuing in Hubbard’s tradition of innovation in 2004, ARCTEK was one of the first mobile uplink companies to put the Sprinter uplink truck online proving to be a game changer for the industry. They also presented the first 2.4 meter C-band Sprinter uplink to the market in 2006. With the required FCC mandate to become HD compliant looming ARCTEK took the reigns and became fully HD compatible in 2006. In 2010, ARCTEK was honored with a Regional Emmy for Technical Achievement being the first company in the industry to transmit an “REMI” style multiplexed production.

In 2016 Brian became the sole owner. His vision for ARCTEK remains focused on maintaining a spirit of innovation, sharing his passion for television/live sports production and continuing to evolve to meet the needs of ARCTEK’s clients.